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 Wow! What a session today, the work you do is amazing : ) after all these years of battling through my issues you have been able to get to the core and make miracles happen.    The manifesting process you taught me has really helped me to believe in myself I know I will achieve success!  L MacCallum

My interpretation of our Angelic Nature
and connectedness through the hara
dimension to Earth and Cosmos
My appointment was wonderful.  Meeting you was definitely a life defining moment for me. L Deacon

I just wanted to let you know that the meditation download is really nice. I really enjoy it! I feel so great!  Everything is working out at the moment, so lovely!    I feel so good! So light! I am just smiling :-) everything seems so easy and not so heavy anymore! I'm also very motivated to do my work.
Its great :-) thank you!    M.  Kramper

I will absolutely continue with the meditation and essence.  The homework as you call it, makes such a difference it is unbelievable.  I am so keen to be positive and change my life and I think that is why it has worked so quickly. Debbie M Cape Town

I'm really amazed by the process -- getting loads of insights. Seem to spend an 
ever-increasing amount of time journaling, but I love it. All the reflection is 
throwing up some very interesting things. Lots of circles are being closed. I'm 
even having fascinating dreams.”- MM Cape Town

“When I was at the end of the road emotionally, Rita was recommended to me. I 
can truly say that any doubts I had about her way of working have been 
completely washed away. After just 2 weeks the process set me on a life changing 
new course. Now after a year of immense growth and many shifts in consciousness 
Rita has asked me to write about my experience. This is what came to me: "The 
final greatest adventure: the climactic battle to kill the false being within 
and victoriously conclude the spiritual revolution. Thank you Rita for being 
there and facilitating.”  
- NT, Cape Town 
My interpretation of our connection
through the 9th chakra into the
Unity Grid and the entry of the
Hara Line into our crown chakra

“I feel my Spiritual growth has been huge. I have much more courage now, which 
is a big change. I feel more authentic and am being guided now because I am 
allowing it to happen. I'm holding off on over managing which I now realise was 
a big self imposed limitation.”  
- WG, Zimbabwe 

“I've come a long way. My self worth and self-confidence have increased. I've 
realized that I was not being true to myself. Mostly I was out of integrity and 
I realise how that was holding me back. I now find it easier to be good to 
myself because my internal saboteur has gone. I find I no longer need to toil in 
my daily life in order to achieve. The changes came quite naturally and more 
easily than I imagined.”  
- MB, London 

“Belief in myself has increased beyond my imaginings. Memories I had suppressed 
from my childhood are coming back and I'm enjoying that. Others have commented 
on how calm I am now and how I seem to transfer that calmness to them when they 
are with me.”   
- KK, Western Cape 

“I have always had difficulty being assertive and that's what I asked for help 
with. I'm pleased to report that my behaviour has changed radically yet 
naturally. I'm surprised how easily I can now set boundaries and uphold them. I 
can also stay centred when others around me get angry.”  
- CK, Western Cape 

“I now find it easier to remain aware as the witness and work at creating the 
future and the reality I want. I've got my energy back and my enthusiasm. My 
life is working better and my business is running more smoothly.” 
 - CJ, Cape Town 

“I have recommended Rita without hesitation to many friends and family members 
because of my fantastic results. Everyone I have sent along reports great 
success in experiencing the changes they wanted.”  
- JB, Cape Town 


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