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Core Star

Your Divine self resides in an area of the body called the Core Star, situated just above the Solar Plexus Chakra(4thD) and Diaphragm Chakra (5thD)  and under the Heart Chakra (4thD) and Thymus Chakra or Higher Heart (5thD).  Whilst the Core Star is connected to the Hara Line and is fed by the divine energy flowing through the Hara line it is located in the 6th dimensional energy field.

The Core Star radiates Divine Light into your aura and environment.

At this level we are pure energy consciousness. We observe life unfold. We 'know' and can 'just be'.  We exist here outside of time, space and physical incarnation. We even exist here outside of the concept of the soul.  We embody wisdom, serenity, courage, power and love.  

The Core Stare is a point of Light located approx 7cms  above the navel, deep within the solar plexus area.  The light expands into infinity.  It is both the individual god and the Universal God within.  It is the life force that is moving through us on all levels of our being.  

It enables us, when fully being expressed, to be in harmony with the world/ourselves/others.  We neither grasp at, or resist, our life experiences.  There are no obstacles or problems.  

If we open here to Spirit it will change our lives. Our whole perception changes.  We become undivided vessels for the creative force to move through us, touch others and speak to others through us.  We feel rich, full and lack nothing.

People disconnected from their Core have no connection to their creativity and spirituality.  They cannot perceive themselves as spiritual beings having a physical experience.  They have forgotten who they really are.  They cannot connect to a higher realm of consciousness.   They have no clue as to the immensity of their resources.

Thanks to Barbara Brennan for her research into the hara line.


  1. i have a educational story about my experience with the core star when i didn't even know what it was then.

    i am 23y. male. i was in weird pains before i started meditation. i had odd physically felt yet not entirely physical pains in my chest, stomach, and head area. i started to realize about these pains after about 2 - 4 weeks and did meditation every day.
    After some time i noticed i have minor healing ability beyond my understanding. i started to mess around and tried healing those pains in my body and it worked wonders after every time, i thought it to be reversed psychosomosis or something like that, it just didn't matter to me.. the main thing was its actual influence .. after every session i felt soo clean/clear, peaceful and it was total bliss in my body, soul, and mind.
    after about a week doing my routine self healing i thought to myself that why does it always come back.
    (i can see inside myself with my minds eye and see the pain) one time i was in a very deep trace doing my self healing. i felt my organs inside me and dug deeper through intense emotion somehow. the following was so intense and deep that i remember it being blurry in my minds eye. i was following the pains to a sphere that was golden-white and dark swimming in it and rivering out .. the darkness was isolating and blocking this light. as i tried to heal it, it didn't work, i literally had to rip this dark from there in my minds eye and channel it out of my body, and as i did this, the sphere exploded in me and revealed light so dense and bright it actually felt like a weird euphoria/orgasm feeling mixed with so much love .. i didn't eat in 2 days cause i had no hunger, all that time i felt physically this light feeding my heart and my whole being .. i didn't feel fear, sadness, anger or any other negative feelings nor pains, only bliss, unconditional love for all existance and pleasure in every good deed. when i went outside, it felt like walking between time and space, it felt like every tree, insect, stone and even the sky was telling me their story .. i had a answer for everything.
    my friends didn't even believe how much i had changed inside,, they started to call me google cause i knew things i hadn't learned from anywhere. i quit smoking and havent smoked in 2 months . i quit drinking alcohol. i knew and experienced the negative influence from them somehow.

    this bliss is gone now due to magic mushrooms that my friend brought with him one day. i hadn't done any drugs before and was curious

    i remember waking up in the morning very confused, the pains were back and the bliss was gone.

    i haven't tried to heal the pains again and i don't even know why.

    has anybody had any similar experiences, and does this story really relate to the core star?

    1. What an Incredible experience!!! Ive had a lot of pain and anxiety in those same areas...
      Thankyou for sharing♡♡

  2. Why is having a large or oversized corestar considered negative?

    1. Where did the idea of it being negative if its large or oversized stem from?