What is the Hara Line - page 3

The Hara dimension is an area of power in the body.

The Hara line provides an axis around which we exist whilst incarnated.  The Merkeba (our Chariot of Ascension) also relies on the Hara Line as an anchor.
Personal Merkeba

The Hara Line and its attendant chakra system exist in the 5th dimension, whereas the auric field and kundalini chakra system exist on the 4th dimensional level.  The haric level is the level of intentionality (how we use our power of divine Will).  

The haric level of our being holds our intentions, life task and purpose.  When people have a healthy hara configuration they are healthy, on line with their life task, have personal integrity and a powerful personal purpose synchronized with Universal Purpose.  When our hara is aligned with Universal Will, we are then aligned with everyone else who is ‘in hara’ and also with the Earth’s Hara (see page as above so below). When in hara we have no adversary, we do not argue, we do not need to defend or be right.  We are grounded, and respectful of self, others and the earth.

Typical symptoms of haric misalignment:-
  • Inner conflicts
  • Loss of grounding
  • Loss of Inner strength
  • Loss of Inner sense of security
  • Lack of confidence
  • Loss of nurturing self-love
  • Struggle discovering your true Identity
  • Feeling abandoned, alone, vulnerable
  • Feeling you are under psychic attack
  • Survival issues – a sense of wanting to leave the planet
  • Anxiety or panic attacks
  • Loss of Identity with self and life on earth
  • Difficulty in receiving or accepting good things
  • Using the Mental mind and Heart mind functions separately rather than together
  • Feeling Lost and Alone
  • Feeling Stuck
  • Unable to move forward
  • Lack of direction in life
  • Lack inspiration or drive
  • Frustration at lack of achievement/success
  • Feel you can’t cope
  • Inability to manifest
  • Loss of healing abilities
  • Continually picking up other peoples negative energy or issues

Purpose links to hara
The main objective of hara work/healing is to strengthen and align the client’s hara and thus help in the unfoldment of their life task and greater purpose. 
It is also excellent for any physical and structural misalignment.  It also affects strongly the level of the human personality.  Realigning and clearing the hara line and the associated energy points and centres allows all psychological issues to rise to the surface of consciousness to be witnessed, surrendered and released.  Hara healing helps with depression because it helps to release the repressed energy responsible.  
Typical Haric Distortion
Image thanks to
Barbara Brennan

Distortions in the hara line  depict the tremendous suffering of humanity.  Inner conflicts are reflected in haric splits. Procrastination, sloppy work, misunderstandings, confusion, chaos and broken contracts are all signs of misalignment.   When we experience these states, it is time to look for the part of us that says NO to life; the part of our psyche that has become identified with an aspect of our dark side, also called the lower self or shadow self.  The negative personal will that is running our life.  

Hara Line
Image thanks to
Barbara Brennan

If you are wishing to be on line with your purpose and in positive intent then your Hara line must be aligned. If you are negative and not on line with your purpose then your hara line is misaligned.

See pages 8, 10, 11 & 12 on how to 

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