Hara Line energy centres - page 4

My interpretation of the Hara entering the crown

Collectively the Hara system, consists of (from top to bottom):-

The Hara Line  
The hara line of a healthy person
Connected to earth & cosmos
Thanks to B A Brennan for image

Energetic lines that are an aspect of the toroidal field. The hara splits at the tan tien so there are actually seven minor lines that ground into the earth.

Kundalini &
Sub Personal Chakras

The Individuation Point (9th Chakra) 
Known as a trans-personal chakra.  Above here is Unity, below it we perceive separateness.    This point looks like a very small funnel whose larger end, one-third inch in diameter, points down over the head.
When there is dysfunction here we cannot seem to transcend our human experience and access the Soul level of our being.  We struggle with our God Image and issues around that concept.  We are cynical and never ask the question "isn't there more to life than this?"  Atheists and Agnostics are usually disconnected at this point

The Soul Seat {our Soul connection (silver cord) connects here [in back]} Within the soul seat lies our passion for who we wish to be and what we have come to accomplish in this life – you might say our Spiritual longing.  This centre is also called the Higher Heart.
(The Thymus Chakra and the Higher Heart are different energy centres)
Shrouding is energetic and represents stuckness in processing the issues around love.

Dysfunction here enables us to stop feeling the deep pain of our human experience.  We have deep heart/emotional issues (like sadness or grief - and don't know how to mourn) but we are unable to access them.  We feel numb and walk through life as if we are sleepwalking or under anesthesia.  We can experience wounding around the loss of the ability to experience pleasure in our physical bodies.

Only by mourning the losses in our lives are we able to transform the numbness and then truly access the power of our own hearts, our immense ability to love.

Dysfunction here means that we have no sense of purpose or what we want to do with our lives. Drifting along, sometimes depressed, having given up because of not caring. 

The Hara Centre (also know as the Tan Tien)
(the original spark of ki energy we were born with)
Hara centre colour frequency

Literally translated, tan tien means “the field of the elixir of long life and wisdom.” It stores energy and acts as a pump to move the energy through the body. It is located 5 cms below the navel and resembles a ball approximately one and a half inches in diameter.

The Hara centre is the reservoir of original ki energy we were born with.  If we have dysfunction here it means we feel driven to CONTROL.  We feel insecure and unsafe. We perceive unfairness everywhere.  We react by becoming aggressive (bullying) or submissive (victim).  We often feel under attack so feel a need to defend against others and the world in general.  We rely too much on 'Egoic will' instead of trusting our own Inner Authority.  We lack grounding into our own 'sense of power' so cannot assert ourselves through 'Standing in Our Own Power'. We lack direction in life.  We have no sense of spiritual longing or connectedness with our Spiritual Self /Soul.  We are unaware of our Life Purpose and therefore do nothing to attempt to accomplish it.  
The Hara Centre holds a unique Vibrational note that holds our body in the physical manifestation.  When this note vibrates at the same frequency as the core of the Earth, we are grounded.  When this note stops vibrating, our body dies.  As we change its vibration, our life circumstances change.
On the left centred and self empowered - on the right ego driven, aggressive 
foolishly attempting to separate self from the rest of creation.

Assertion and empowerment can naturally replace aggression and victimization when the Hara Centre is functioning at optimum levels.  The connection to one’s inner authority is restored and we resume our connection with the Earth’s power.  It gives us access to true power and courage.

The Earth Chakra 
(known as a sub personal chakra) 

There are three aspects to this one chakra because the earth links connect under each foot and the hara line through the perineum near the root chakra.

The Earth Chakra is located approximately 15 cm below the feet.  It is through this chakra that we receive the terrestrial/telluric energy, rising through the chakras of the feet. This chakra is responsible to root the personal and transpersonal parts of one’s soul to the Earth’s molten core of iron through the Earth’s electro-magnetic field.  The Earth Chakra builds the necessary energic bridge which connects the incarnational purpose of a soul with the roots of the planet; essential to anchor into a plane of existence. 

Earth Star Chakra
The story of our lives is recorded inside of the matrix of our Earth Star Chakra.  Following the same path as Kundalini, with birth and childhood being the lower spine and our future at the top, as the energy irradiates to the neck, the Earth Star Chakra becomes responsible for personal development and the paths we take forward in life.

Some yoga tantric specialists describe a total of five sub-personal chakras being located below the Muladhara, or Root, Chakra, and the Earth Star Chakra.

These five sub-personal chakras are numbered from the nearest one to the body, a few cms below the feet, to the fifth one, two arms lengths below the feet.

1. Incarnation Point Chakra (a few cms below the feet) – practical implementation of the soul journey for the current life
2. Incarnation Chakra (about 40 cm below the feet) – connection to ancestry, tribe, clan
3. Sub-personal Leadership Chakra (below the feet at an arm’s length) – Anima, in contact with the female archetype
4. Earth Centering Chakra (below the feet at an arm’s length) – links to the archaic earth energy
5. Earth Star Chakra (below the feet at two arms’ lengths) – exchange and relationship to the Earth goddess.

The Earth Star Chakra embraces all of our ancestral and racial history, all of our current incarnation’s family mysteries and cycles as well as all generational issues. It is also the record keeper of all past life incarnations and holographic karmic lessons learned. 

At the end of earthly existence we disconnect from the Earth Star and climb through the tube of Light, the Hara Line, passing through all the chakras.  When we arrive at the Crown and see ahead of us the Light from the Soul Star, we are perceiving the ‘tunnel’ and the light mentioned by those who have had ‘near death experiences’. In the process of this ascension, we perceive our whole existence, ordered from the beginning to the end (the life review experience many talk about).

The Earth’s Core Star  connection – all earth links and the central hara line connect into the centre of the earth

It is very important to develop the both the Individuation Point (9th transpersonal chakra) and the Earth Star simultaneously rather than separately.  Working on aligning the whole haric energy system assures this.
  • The Microcosmic Orbit Chakras (13 in number) see page 5
  • The Governing Meridian (runs up the back of the body from perineum to top lip)
  • The Conception Vessel (runs up the front of the body - perineum to bottom lip)
  • The Earth Links (see page 6)

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