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Other names that have been used interchangeably with Hara Line:-

Galactic Cord
Axis Coeli
Axis Mundi
Meridian-Nadius line
Pranic Tube

GLOSSARY of Esoteric Words and Phrases

Antahkarana (also Antaskarana) Path or bridge between higher and lower mind, serving as a medium of communication between the two. Built through meditation / visualisation, service to humanity and study of occultism. Connects the threefold personality and the Spiritual Triad.The Antahkarana embodies the response of the consciousness within the form to the steadily expanding range of contacts within the environing whole. It is built by the aspirant themself in mental matter and is the first creation of the soul-infused personality acting as a unitary being.

Akashic Records Records of all karmic action "impressed" upon the ethers. Most psychics perceive the distorted reflections on the astral plane.

Alignment (Occultly) means that a lower state has been brought into contact with something still higher; correct, unimpeded relationship; the establishment of a direct channel, not only between the one source, the Monad, and its expression, the purified and controlled personality, but also between the seven centers in the human etheric vehicle.

Aura A subtle or invisible essence or fluid which emanates from human and animal bodies and even things. It is psychic effluvium, partaking of both mind and body. It is electo-vital and electro-mental. Etheric, astral, mental bodies. The sumtotal of the attractive forces in the field of individual activity; the quality of a sphere of radiatory activity (see Magnetic Aura).

Avatar A special emissary of Light and Love that incarnates for the benefit of humanity, having technically no karmic obligation to incarnate. There are many types of avatars, from the earthly to the cosmic. One who has a peculiar capacity (besides a self-initiated task and a pre-ordained destiny) to transmit energy or divine power, and who is capable of reflecting some cosmic Principle or divine quality and energy which will produce the desired effect upon humanity, evoking reaction and producing needed stimulation.

Causal body It isn't really a body, objectively or subjectively, but is the centre of Egoic or Soul consciousness, formed by the conjunction of buddhi and manas. It is relatively permanent throughout our long series of incarnations, but is destroyed after the 4th initiation is reached and we have achieved mastery over the three lower worlds. This body is, from the standpoint of the physical plane, no body, either subjective or objective: the centre of the egoic consciousness and is formed by the union of buddhi and manas, or Love and Mind; relatively permanent and lasts throughout the long cycle of incarnations, and is only dissipated after the fourth initiation, when the need for further rebirth on the part of a human being no longer exists.

Centers Whirlpools of force that swirl etheric, astral and mental matter into activity of some kind; force vertices in matter which demonstrate as activity; centers of existence.

Chakra Sanskrit - "wheel or disc". An energy centre within one of the subtle bodies, formed by the intersection of many "nadis" or strands of etheric substance, forming the seven main chakras of the human being and the 22 minor chakras. There are also 343 "points of light" which correspond to the acupuncture points. Chakras can be energy centres in the solar system or the cosmos, or a human being. 

Consciousness Comes form the two Latin words "con" - with, and "scio" - to know; literally, "that with which we know," the reaction of active intelligence to the pattern.

Evolution The unfolding of a continually increasing power to respond, the process which unfolds the life within all units, the developing urge which eventually merges all units and all groups until you have the manifestation of what can be called nature, or God, and which is the aggregate of all states of consciousness; ordered change and constant mutation, an ever-increasing power to respond to vibration, a steadily increasing sensitivity to light and illumination.

Gnosis Knowledge of God. The Mysteries of Being. Wisdom. Sophia.

God Deity or originating cause. The sum-total of all the states of consciousness within the solar system; the Macrocosm; the Universal Mind; the Absolute; the Unknown; the expression of the One Life which animates every form on the outer subjective plane; the Life in which we "live and move and have our being"; a new definition of God was given us when the Buddha taught that God was Light and showed us that way of illumination, and when Christ revealed to us that God was Love through His life and service on earth. A new Approach is on the Way, bringing us the next needed truth. See "Logos".

Humanity That evolution through which the Son or Soul aspect is to express itself most perfectly in this cosmic incarnation; that human Centre whose eternal mission is to bring light to all created lives. In Humanity the pairs of opposites blend and the three fires meet. Humanity is a sheath for the life of God, as well as the individualized consciousness of the Logos. Humanity is the Prodigal and a great experiment in time and space.

Incarnation The unification of the etheric double with the dense physical body; the taking of a dense physical body; a definitely determined period (from the angle of soul) wherein experiment, experience and expression are the keynotes. Each successive incarnation continues the experiment, deepens the experience and relates the expression more closely to the latent unfolding divinity.

Karma The Law of Cause and Effect. Physical action. The Law of Retribution. Karma of merit / demerit. The whole universe is conditioned by this law. Moral effect of an act committed which gratifies personal desire.

kundalini mandala
Kundalini The power of Life — one of the forces of nature (feminine) that lies coiled, serpent like at the base of the spine. It creates the foundation of matter, into which spirit incarnates. Awakens naturally through evolution, but can have very destructive effects if prematurely activated through wrong meditation or yogic practices.

Light The substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen; signifies two things: energy and its manifestation in form of some kind; Light and Substance are synonyms; the soul is light; Light is known by what it reveals. (see Illumination)

Love An impersonal potency or energy, dependent for its effect upon the type of form which it contacts and upon which it makes an impact; not a sentiment or an emotion, nor is it desire or a selfish motive for right action in daily life; the wielding of the force which guides the worlds and which leads to integration, unity and inclusiveness, which impels Deity itself to action; an expression of soul contact.

Macrocosm The greater body of manifestation in which we (the microcosm) live.

Meditation The means by which the higher consciousness is contacted; the result of an inward-turning tendency, of the capacity to abstract the consciousness from form and substance and to center within itself; the mind's power to hold itself steady in the light; a technique of the mind which eventually produces correct, unimpeded relationship, another name for alignment; the establishment of a direct channel between one source, the Monad, and its expression. (see Alignment)

Metaphysicial - everything that is perceived by us as non physical.  Beyond the range of the 5 senses.

Microcosm The little universe, or a human manifesting through its body, the physical body.

Monad The immortal essence of ourselves which uses the soul to incarnate through, just as the soul incarnates through our personality. The One. The threefold spirit on its own plane. The unified triad of atma, buddhi and manas — Spiritual Will, intuition, and Higher Mind — or the immortal part of the unit which reincarnates in the lower kingdoms and gradually progresses through them to the final goal; dynamic will or purpose remaining unrevealed until after the third initiation; Life, the sustaining force; a Lord of persevering and ceaseless devotion to the pursuit of a seen and determined objective; Human Monads in their seven types are found on the plane of spirit as it is the plane of duality. The deva Monads are also found there.

Monadic consciousness The great universal Oneness: Life, the sustaining force — the unified triad of Spiritual Will, intuition, and Higher Mind. Monadic consciousness embodies divine life — purpose and intent, and uses the soul in order to demonstrate through that soul the inherent purpose of deity. Building of the bridge between lower and higher mind is the first step towards achieving monadic consciousness, and thus the first step towards the Way of the Higher Evolution.

Nadi A channel for the conveying of prana in the etheric vehicle.

New Group of World Servers On the physical plane, without any exoteric organization, ceremonials, or outer form, there is integrating — silently, steadily and powerfully — a group of men and women who will supersede eventually the previous hierarchical effort. They are of all races; they speak all languages; they embrace all religions, all sciences and all philosophies. Their characteristics are synthesis, inclusiveness, intellectuality and fine mental development. They own to no creed, save the creed of Brotherhood, based on the One Life.

Personality The sum total of the threefold lower self: physical, astral, mental: a blend of mental energy, of emotional energy and of vital force, and these three are masked, hidden or revealed (note this terminology) by an outer shell or form of dense physical matter. This outer crust is in itself a form of negative energy. The result of this union of three energies in an objective form is self-consciousness and their fusion produces that sense of individuality which justifies the use of the word "I," and which relates all occurrences to a self; where this central conscious entity exists, utilizing the mind, reacting sensuously through the emotional body, and energizing the dense physical (via the vital body), then one has a personality; awareness of identity in relation to other identities — true of God or man; sense or identity persists only during the creative process; a state of awareness which has its conditioning factor in the mind stuff and this can be transcended when the mind stuff no longer controls.

Prana The Life principle, the breath of life.

Prayer Prayer is an approach to Divinity invoked by the aspirant, the mystic or the spiritually inclined being that blends personality desire with a desire for soul contact. Through the demonstrated effectiveness of prayer, one observes the subtler powers and the fact of the essential dualism of life, discovering both a lower self and a higher Self.

Ray One of the seven streams of force from cosmic sources that enter our solar system and condition all life within it, including all the kingdoms of nature on Earth. The planets in the solar system are really the "vehicles" that pass this energy on. Each individual has their own "ray make-up".

Reincarnation Doctrine of cyclic rebirth by the evolving consciousness through all types of environments in accordance with the Law of Karma. Reincarnation is implicit in the manifested Metatronic earthly reality.

Samadhi Complete detachment from the cells of the body and the emotions.

Soul Neither spirit nor matter but the relation between them. It is the middle or love principle and that which reincarnates in different bodies — the Mediator or Middle Principle; that entity which is brought into being when the spirit aspect and the matter aspect are related to each other; neither spirit nor matter but the relation between them; the link between God and His form; another name for the Christ principle, whether in nature or in man; the form-building aspect; the force of evolution itself. In the world of phenomenal appearance, it is the creating agent, the major building factor, the constructor of forms. Essentially it is light, both literally from the vibratory angle, and philosophically from the angle of constituting the true medium of knowledge; light symbolically, for it is like the rays of the sun, which pour out into the darkness, through the medium of the brain, thus the way of the human being becomes increasingly illumined. Spirit and matter, when brought into a close rapport, necessarily exert an effect upon each other. Matter, so-called, is energized or "lifted up" in the occult sense of the term by its contact with spirit, so-called. Spirit, in its turn, is enabled to enhance its vibration through the medium of experience in matter. The bringing together of these two divine aspects results in the emergence of a third, which we call the soul, and through the medium of the soul, spirit develops a sentiency and a conscious awareness and capacity to respond which remains its permanent possession when the divorce between the two comes around eventually and cyclically.

Spirit The One Life back of all forms; the central energy which is the cause of all manifestation; the word spirit is applied to that undefinable, elusive, essential impulse or Life which is the cause of all manifestation; the breath of Life; spirit is matter at its highest point of expression, and matter is spirit at its lowest; life and will.

Spiritual The world of light and beauty, of order and purpose; all manifestions of life are spiritual; the word relates to attitudes, to relationships, to the moving forward from one level of consciousness to the next; related to the power to see the vision; relates to the expansion of consciousness at whatever level; all activity which drives the human being forward towards some form of development — physical, emotional, intuitional, and so forth — is essentially spiritual in nature and is indicative of the livingness of the inner divine Entity.

Transmutation Esoterically, the mode whereby force is changed into energy; the method whereby that which is lower is absorbed by the higher; the achieving of a correct sense of proportion in relation to any phase of life; the liberation of the essence in order that it may seek a new center; the passage across from one state of being to another through the agency of fire; an achievement and not a process.

Unity The conscious adaptation of the initiated disciple to the greater Whole, as his absorption into the group through his obedience to the laws of the soul, and as governing his attitude to that in which he lives and moves and has his being. Unity is achieved and is the reward of action and effort. Isolated unity describes the stage which the Master has reached. Isolated identity (with the soul) is that of the disciple up to and including the third initiation. Isolated individuality is that of the disciple.

Will Desire formulated so clearly and carried so powerfully to an intelligent climax that the mode of its materialisation is grasped with such accuracy and energised with such intent that the result is inescapable. Pure will is only possible to a coordinated thinker, to truly self-conscious entities; the basis of the One Life which synthesises all groups; the unity of love and intention; the energy of the soul expressing itself as direction, progress and conformity to the Plan; monadic essence qualified by "fixed determination" which is identified with the Will or Purpose of the planetary Logos; the highest divine aspect which the initiate finally manifests, prior to entering upon the Way of Higher Evolution; active intelligent purpose, lovingly applied. 

Listing of terms is compiled from Alice A. Bailey's Initiation, Human and Solar
along with entries added from "Glossary of The Tibetan's Terms" - Meditation Mount, Ojai
and additions from The Nature of the Soul by Lucille Cedercrans.

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