The Power of Intention & Hara- page 9

"Imagination is the beginning of creation.
You imagine what you desire,
you will what you imagine
and at last you create what you will"
George Bernard Shaw

Many books have been written about the Power of Intention, Goal setting, using Vision Boards and using the Law of Attraction.   However the truth of the matter is that without a fully aligned Hara line you cannot tap into the energy you need to manifest your intention.

We are the Divine Intention
Shirley MacLaine

Intention – the energy of Divine Will we can only access through our   5thD Hara Line

Intentionality is the key to being able to manifest …especially through

The Hara dimension is a meta-program from which creation happens.  Enormous creative power resides here.

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure
It is our Light not our Darkness that most frightens us.
Marianne Williamson

The majority of people these days are not happy but they don’t know why, or even what it would take to make them happy.  My theory is that they are not connected fully in the hara dimension and therefore cannot connect fully to their whole-selves, the comforting support system that is the Christ Consciousness Grid, or discover who they really are,  why they are here, where they are going and why.  They are not able to be fulfilled until they realise that they are one tiny cog in the wheel that is Unity and have their own special part to play.  A feeling of happiness, motivation, achievement, and fulfillment is the natural outcome of being connected and successfully playing your part. 

Power of Intention

Barbara Brennan once wrote, Why do the hopes and dreams of many people turn out to be forlorn, plunging them into feelings of inadequacy and even hopelessness? Sometimes their lives even move in the opposite direction to where they want them to go?

Well the answer to that lies in one of the subtlest dimensions of consciousness,the level of intentionality,  the hara line. 

Here are some other examples:

You might really long for a loving, intimate relationship – you’ve read the books, and done the visualisations – but you still find yourself in the middle of an all-too familiar argument with your partner that leaves you feeling wounded and bitter. Because the hara is split.

For years you have carried within you the vision of a new creative enterprise. In your mind’s eye you can see clearly how it would work. You’ve tried from time to time to make it happen but it never quite does.

You have a history of heart disease in your family and you worry about it a lot. But you find it hard to maintain a heart-friendly diet.

When we return to our hara line, we take responsibility for our creations, for our life experience. With this commitment to self-responsibility there is also tremendous relief and empowerment as we reconnect with our creative power.

The alignment of the hara brings together our spiritual connection, our longing, our connection to the physical body and the earth. When the hara is in alignment, our aura and our cells receive a dose of fresh life, an infusion of the pleasure of being whole again. Big life changes happen, much to our delight.

Our major difficulties originate at the level of hara. When life feels difficult and the world unsupportive, thwarting your aspirations, it becomes really important to examine our intentionality.

Creations that flow through an aligned hara, flow from the unitive state in our core essence. There is no self-sacrifice involved, only joy. By their very nature, acts that rise from a unified hara serve and bless us and the world at every step.

“It is easy to recognize clear intentionality because it feels so wonderful.
It is full of strength and purpose, yet effortless.
 Everything in dualistic chaos calms down.
All things become quieted, yet vividly alive. 
One experiences an expanding powerful self-presence.
Joy, pleasure and gratitude arise.”

- from the book Seeds of the Spirit, by Barbara Brennan; 2002.

Attaining The State of The Christ
The ‘Christ’ represents the Unitive Principle in Creation.  So humanity is being infused more and more with the energy of it’s soul which is unitive in nature.  We are waking up to the truth that we are all One. Through Oneness and working together we will birth the New Age.  

In becoming "Christed", one embodies 
unconditional love and re-connects 
to one's original divine blueprint. 

Humanity is approaching what the Ancient Mystery School teachings called ‘The First Initiation’: The Birth of the Christ in the Heart.  


  1. How can we get access to our 5th dimension Hara line?

    1. Hi Marigold - Go to meditation download page 12 and do the meditation every day for 3 weeks if you wish to align the hara line. You already have access to it because it exists in everyone its just that in most people it is out of alignment. Some people need me to do hara line repairs before it will align.