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The Torus and how the Universe was created 

The Torus. I’m betting that’s an unfamiliar word to you. However the torus is the oldest structure in existence and without it nothing could exist. The toroidal shape is similar to a donut but rather than having an empty central "hole", the topology of a torus folds in upon itself and all points along its surface converge together into a zero-dimensional point at the center called the Vertex. 

Earth's Torus

It has even been suggested that the torus can be used to define the workings of consciousness itself.  In other words...consciousness has a geometry! The geometric shape used to describe the self-reflexive nature of consciousness is the torus. The torus allows a vortex of energy to form which bends back along itself and re-enters itself. It 'inside-outs', continuously flowing back into itself. Thus the energy of a torus is continually refreshing itself, continually influencing itself. 

A Tree has a torus
Apple torus

Toroidal energy fields exist around every thing.  People. Trees. Earth. Planets. The Sun. The Solar System. The Galaxy. The Universe. The Source.
A Tornado is an emission from the white hole of a torus

Electrical engineers are very familiar with toriods as frequency converters.  One frequency goes in one end and a different one comes out the other side. 

3 Phase Bifilar Moebius edge coil set formed as torus knot
A Bar Magnet with iron filings shows the toroidal field

The toroidal form figures heavily into the esoteric study of Sacred Geometry...a meta-science that reveals how shape and mathematical form are primary underlying principles of manifestation.

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Creation Story

The whole of creation exists because of the first torus.  For many years I have been seeking the truth about how the Universe was created.  The best explanation I found was in the kabbalah where it is said, and I paraphrase,  'in the stillness of the void God moved and in moving created space for some aspects of himself to move away to a location other than in him'.  This meant that he had created a partner, a creative force that went on to create everything else in the Universe.  

This explanation was hard to conceive of until I came across this excellent computer visual of how that movement occurred.  The concept was given to Itzhak Bentov and he wrote about it in his book on the mechanics of consciousness called ‘Stalking the Wild Pendulum published in 1977 two years before his untimely death in the tragic AA flight 191 Chicago O’Hare airport disaster.  Itzhak calls it the Cosmic Egg and you will see how the egg morphs into the first torus.

The sound of the two polarities of the egg coming back together was in essence the original sound - the ‘word’ as it was translated from the original ancient sacred text.  

"In the beginning was the word and the word was with God". John 1:1

A slightly different type of big bang that the one Stephen Hawkins postulates.
Galaxy Torus

Itzhak Bentov was a scientist,inventor,and an early pioneer in the research of consciousness. By blending analytical knowledge and intuitive insight, Bentov was the first to develop what is now widely accepted today as a holographic model of reality. This film is a short encapsulated version of his inspirational exploration of consciousness and the cosmos, presented in its original form by his widow Mirtala. Ultimately your perception of reality will be turned inside out by the facts presented in this critically acclaimed film.   

"From Atom to Cosmos, video by Mirtala the widow of Bentov
I consider this work to be the best ever explanation of our evolutionary process.   Just one and a half hours of viewing will change your perception of yourself and the Universe forever. You have been warned!

Itzhak Bentov's hand drawn image of the Cosmic Egg - the Torus that began Creation

All Toroids have a black hole at one end and a white hole at the other. Black holes suck in energy and white holes emit it.  So in our human body toroids we have black (negatively charged) and white (positively charged) holes. 

In the body the spindle of the torus creates the Hara Line with Crown Chakra
at the top and Root chakra at the base

When the torus is in balance and the energy is flowing we are in a perfect state to clear ourselves of anything that is ‘not self’ anything that prevents us being our authentic selves.
Human Aura Torus and Heart Torus

Zero Point Energy Field

- A singularity where the law of physics no longer applies

A Singularity with a black hole recycling by drawing in energy and a white hole emitting light
Nasa image
This ZPE occurs at the junction of the white hole and the black hole where there is what is known as the Vertex.  The ZPE energises and enlivens living organisms.  It neutralises harmful frequencies. It increases spiritual awareness, a sense of oneness, and is in our higher consciousness.  This is ostensibly a void of no-thingness yet it contains full potential to create. 
Bentov postulated that the ZPR frequency is above gamma rays.
By the way if the full spectrum above was a road it would
stretch for 100kms and the visible light spectrum our eyes can see
would be equivalent to a single human hair's width!

Because this Zero Point Energy Fields exists within us wherever a torus exists we truly are fully conscious empowered beings.  This ZPEF contains pure potential and can only be activated in one way.  By the power of intention, also known as will (NB. this is not personal egoic willpower but our heart based divine will).  

The Torus sends out information about itself into its surroundings and that information can be picked up by another sentient conscious being.  We may term that psychic ability.

Love is the glue of the Universe 
Itzhak Bentov

So Consciousness has a body and that body is the Torus.  

So as you have within you the very same substance that was there in the beginning of Creation and as God made you in the same way as creation then the only thing that stops you getting in touch with God is a belief that you cannot.

Perhaps now is a good time to define God

God = One is an equation central to all monotheistic faiths. The problem arises when attempting to find a universal concept of God and a common meaning for everyone.   God in our society is subjective and the word God has different meanings for different people. Faith alone does not seem to work for everyone. Various cultures and religious traditions define God in dissimilar ways which too often becomes  the seed of many conflicts.  
There is another side of the God = One equation, the concept of One, of Unity. One-ness is an extremely difficult concept for us to accept. We cannot understand the philosophical notion of Unity based on our observations of the world around us (the three dimensional world). But One is a number. And numbers are the language of mathematics.  In mathematics, we find a language that actually does transcend cultural limitations. Two plus two equals four no matter what we believe in. All architects equally accept pi as the relationship of the radius to the circumference of a circle. A key element in my research is the investigation of this concept, Oneness. From the perspective of One, as presented in the Torah, perhaps we can begin to understand and rationally discuss the concept of God. Stan Tenen the Meru project

The infinity symbol an ancient two dimensional representation
of the 3D double toroidal energy flow - self generating, continual, never ending

So in conclusion

In humans the energy flow in through the head and feet is bidirectional. In other words it flows like the tides one way and then the next. In the matrix of this flow are the wave and particle relationships that structure and govern the nurturing "cosmic" energy from which we are crystallized.

Some amazing work has been done over the years by Dan Winter (whose books are now out of print), who suggests with geometric diagrams that the only way self-reflexiveness can continue without breaking down is by using waveforms based on harmonics of the golden mean (a ratio found everywhere in nature). He claims our very DNA is a helix formed by 2 rotating geometric figures called icosahedrons and dodecahedrons. 

Dodecahedron mosaic tiles in  St Marks Cathedral
the 12 sided sacred geometric figure is significant in
that it is the sacred geometry of a self-realised (Christed) being

Links and further research

Mr. Winter and others has also shown how the biophysical manifestations such as the human heart and DNA have toroidal configurations. For more information go to the San Gral School of Sacred Geometry.

Stan Tenen (MERU Foundation) has also done some great work along these lines, contradicting Winter's work and basing his own discoveries on the work of Arthur Young, who also worked with the torus. Regardless of who is correct, the torus is the common denominator, the self-organizing way consciousness is designed.

Further Reading:
Stalking the Wild Pendulum
On the Mechanics of Consciousness by Itzhak Bentov


  1. That is incredibly interesting and en-Lightening! Information that I have sensed for a long time, makes more sense. Thank you.

    1. Hi Lisa, I am delighted to have given you a precious piece of the 'ultimate puzzle' as a gift on Xmas Day! Blessings from Rita

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  3. I found this information so exciting. I have recently began to envision and work with the energy of white holes and didn't know they really existed. I have also been working for several years with human torriodal fields as an energy worker but recently have found them to be coming to my attention as I focus on my evolving body of work in consciousness and cosmic connection with the Creator of " All That Is. I would like to share your work and links with my "tribe" if I may. Gina-Dianne Harding, BScN, MPH. MDiv., author "From Fear to Eternity: 212 Ways to Let Go of Limiting Beliefs and Shift Your Energy Into Higher Consciousness Living"

    1. Hi Gina-Dianne and thank you for your message. I am honoured that you wish to share my work and links. I have read your two web sites and feel a strong resonance between us. i'll be interested to hear how your tribe react to the info. Lets keep in touch. Namaste Rita Gott Marr

  4. Stumbled upon this. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thanks Barbara for your comment. Glad you found the info of interest.

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  6. Thank you so much for this! greetings from Brazil!

  7. Thank you, Rita, for this information. I'm not a scientist, but an artist and author researching ancient petroglyphs. There is a GLOBAL image illustrating the plasma form produced during very strong coronal mass ejections (CMEs)that IS a toroidal shape. Ancient people saw this image in the skies and reproduced it as best as they could in stone. A good site to visit is Anthony Peratt's (plasma physicist)explaining this connection. A most important point to me is what I've suggested for many years - that is that "black holes" do not exist as structures misinterpreted by old school scientists, but, instead, are Torus'- strong energy fields swirling through space much as earth's tornado's.

  8. Thank you, Rita, for this information. I'm not a scientist, but an artist and author researching ancient petroglyphs. There is a GLOBAL image illustrating the plasma form produced during very strong coronal mass ejections (CMEs)that IS a toroidal shape. Ancient people saw this image in the skies and reproduced it as best as they could in stone. A good site to visit is Anthony Peratt's (plasma physicist)explaining this connection. A most important point to me is what I've suggested for many years - that is that "black holes" do not exist as structures misinterpreted by old school scientists, but, instead, are Torus'- strong energy fields swirling through space much as earth's tornado's.

  9. I found this after a google search on the toroidal shapen and it's relation to spirituality. This is amazing, I experienced the Torus in a group meditation recently, the energy flowed between us and above and below and was shaped like the helix and made the shape of the Torus. I felt like there was no separation and that the connection between us and the rest of the universe had no end and no befinning. It can only be described as Divine Love. Thank you for sharing this.

  10. Hi I have only one question please help me :))) is there any kind of technique that can help me to feel that Torus energy and feel safe and connected with the surrounding?

    1. Hi Ika - Have you used my free meditation on Page 12 of this site?

  11. im very interested in adapting this to green clean energy... has there been any research in this area?

    1. Foster Gamble at The Thrive Movement is a player in the research arena - start with then go to the Hub section of the Thrive website - that should get you started.

  12. Very nice. By Had a do you mean Shiva?

    1. Hello Partha - please repeat your question as I am not clear what you are asking. You have typed Had did you mean God ? Just looked at your blog and listened to your video on sacred sounds very interesting. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. Namaste Rita

  13. How interesting. I was looking for info on the Torus and came upon your article. I have seen this in my meditation for many years. I always called it a dounut not knowing what it was. As I would sit with it I could not tell if I was moving toward it or it toward me but It was in motion. I found out a few years ago what it was and decided to research a bit about it tonight. Thank you for this article.

    1. Thanks for sharing Denny. Glad you found your way here. Namaste Rita

  14. Is the Torus the same in essence of that of the subtle body?

    1. Cindy the human energy field consists of many layers, like Russian Dolls nested one within the other. There are many toroids in our energy system, for example the heart has its own and the chakras each have their own in addition to the whole body's nested toroids. Some of the layers have been specifically named. The 7 subtle bodies of the auric field for example are well known by their names Etheric, Emotional, Mental, Astral, Etheric Template, Celestial Body, Casual Body or Ketheric Template.

    2. Thank you Rita. I will read up more on the subject. Very interesting.

  15. Hi Rita,
    Would like to hear more about the moebius strip. Thank you for providing this fascinating information on the Toroid!

    1. Hi Melissa - the mobius strip is another term for the infinity symbol shown above (looks like a special type of figure of 8 on its side). The mobius has only one surface with no beginning or end and it twists around. It uses a two dimensional piece of paper to create a three dimensional shape that can be said to be representative of the multi dimensional toroid.

  16. Wow!! I can not tell you how powerfully this touched me to the point of bringing tears to my eyes at the finale of the ultimate discovery of self observing self as god. This knowledge ties into my own spiritual journey of the last 5 years following the activation of my lightbody. We are indeed are on the journey home and I am in awe of the process. I am personally working on repairing the earth grids and remapping the timetables as part of my service to evolution. Now that we (my multidimensional selves) have cleared and collapsed so many timelines I have just started hearing about torroidal fields which is how I found your post. Thank you Rita for sharing this as it resonates so very deeply with me!!

    1. Cheri - thank you so much for your comment. Sending you gratitude for the service work you do. Glad to have been energetically touched by you as you make your journey home. Namaste

    2. Thank you too Rita for being a divine messenger!! Spirit always leads us to what we need in perfect syncronicity and here you are with the information to share in perfect divine timing. Namaste to you too Rita in truth and resonance within the unified field of consciousness in (L)iving (O)ne (V)ibrational (E)nergy!!!

  17. I have found myself interested recently in grid work too and have recently begun to practice. Tonight i stumble upon this and you :) hello from California.

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